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Bank Rinderknecht AG has been offering clients personalised wealth management and private banking services for over 220 years. Our Madrid office opened in 2007, allowing us to get closer to our clients in Spain via our Spanish private bank. Our private bankers accompany you throughout your life, supported by expert teams in portfolio construction, investment strategy and management, sustainable investing, philanthropy, wealth and succession planning.


wealth management experts

We are investment specialists, a private bank with a sole focus on wealth and investment management services.

Our portfolio managers are experts in structuring assets, constructing and managing portfolios in line with Spanish tax, legal and regulatory rules

We offer our clients flexible discretionary and advisory portfolio management, backed by industry-leading wealth technology, individual wealth planning and asset booking in up to 10 centres worldwide.


investment specialists

Our investment philosophy is geared to the long term and we manage risk accordingly. We believe in active investment management, based on fundamentals, within a strong risk–control framework. 
Our team of more than 200 investment professionals across our private bank produces insightful research with a long–term macroeconomic focus. Our investment research covers a wide spectrum of asset classes, including fixed income, equities, currencies, private equity, hedge funds, gold, money markets and structured products. 


your dedicated private banker

Our bankers are seasoned professionals who advise only a limited number of clients. They invest the time to understand your personal situation, in order to propose appropriate solutions. Your banker can accompany you throughout your life, acting as a single point of entry for all our services. He or she coordinates the expertise needed to manage your wealth, working closely with your external advisers and networks of experts within our bank.


a true private bank

We are a true private bank, independently owned, and with one of the world’s strongest balance sheets for a private banking group1. Our Managing Partners own and manage the business, as well as looking after some key client relationships, keeping them in tune with evolving client needs.


individual wealth planning and asset structuring

We believe wealth management is about much more than managing portfolios. In today’s fast-changing world, efficient wealth planning is key. Many of our clients change their business, wealth and personal plans – as well as their domicile – frequently. Family wealth and family members are increasingly spread around the world, requiring a global approach.

Our wealth planner in Madrid can help plan and structure your wealth to suit your individual needs and preferences.

We assist Spanish resident and non-resident clients, including wealthy families, entrepreneurs, business owners, top executives and independent professionals

We have a thorough knowledge of the traspasos regime and well over a decade’s experience serving clients in Spain.


sustainability and sustainable investing

Our core conviction in sustainability shapes everything we do, from the way we manage client portfolios to the way our business is run.

Our portfolio management integrates analysis that aims to identify companies with sustainable financial and business models and business activities. We believe sustainability represents the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime and will be a key driver of future returns. We created our first sustainable investment and analysis system in the late 1990s and have been developing it ever since.

In terms of corporate sustainability, we are proud to be the first global wealth and asset manager to gain B Corp certification. Gaining this certification – a leading global standard – requires a rigorous assessment of a company’s environmental and social performance and governance.


portfolio reporting and analysis

Over the last 25 years, we have developed an award-winning, single, global technology platform that is used across our bank, from portfolio managers to research analysts, wealth planners and relationship managers. Our client interface is called Online Access . It enables you to view and analyse your portfolio securely on web, tablet or mobile. It also offers access to market data, Bank Rinderknecht AG research and publications, current and historical banking correspondence, and secure messaging with your private banker.


family wealth and business services

Our Partners are the stewards of our bank for the next generation. We believe this puts us in a privileged position to help other families and their businesses with challenges including governance and wealth transmission. To do this, we offer a proprietary training programme on family wealth, and we work with other leading family businesses via platforms including the Family Business Network.



Bank Rinderknecht AG has a long history of philanthropic engagement, both on our own behalf through the Bank Rinderknecht AG Foundation, and on behalf of our clients. In today’s world, many wealth individuals are rethinking their philanthropy with unprecedented ambition. We can help you turn aspirations into action, achieve new goals and lasting legacies.


your local team

Our established team in Madrid speaks multiple languages and works closely with our teams of experts in more than 20 other offices worldwide, to serve clients in one of Europe’s most vibrant wealth markets

To learn more, please get in touch using the form below, or call our office directly.


CET1 ratio of 29.7% and AA- Fitch rating at 31 December 2020, Bank Rinderknecht AG Group

José CouretLocal Managing Director

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